PAQS Awards and Honours

The PAQS Awards consist of :

1.The PAQS Medal

This is the highest award of the Association. This Award is to recognise an individual in the Quantity Surveying and Cost Engineering Profession who has made major and significant contributions to the advancement and development of the Professional internationally.The award is determined by the full Board of the PAQS.

2. PAQS Service Excellence Award

This Award recognises individuals who have provided long and outstanding services internationally to the Quantity Surveying and Cost Engineering Profession. These awards are judged by a panel.

3. The Academic & Research Award

The Academic & Research award recognises excellence in academic and research performance that has application or benefit that transcends national boundaries. These awards are judged by a panel.

4. PAQS Technical Innovation Excellence Award

This Award recognises excellence in innovation in areas of technique, products, services, teaching or management. These awards are judged by a panel.



2000Mr Mike LangleyAIQS
2001Prof Dennis LennardAIQS
2002Mr Edward TangSISV
2003Mr Peter BeddekNZIQS
2004Mr TT CheungHKIS
2007Mr Ong See LianRISM
2008Mr Takayoshi SatoBSIJ
2012 Teoh Wooi Sin SISV
Chua Siow LengRISM
2013Trevor MainAIQS
2014Prof. Chitra WeddikkaraIQSSL
Dato' Sr Seri Md. Isahak Md Yusuf RISM
2015Dr Anita LuiHKIS
2017Mr Gordon CairneyNZIQS
2018Sr K C TangHKIS
Goh Ngan Hong SISV
2019Ms Xu Huiqin CECA
Mr Khoo Sze Boon SISV
Sr Dr Wan Maimun Wan Abdullah RISM
2001Dr Anita LuiHKIS
2007Dr Paul HoHKIS
2007Mr Seah Kwee YongSISV
2010Dr Florence LingSISV
2011Eugene Seah Hsin-Min


Dr Mei-Yung Leung HKIS
2013Dr Peter SmithAIQS
2015Prof. Yin Yi LinCECA
2018Shinichi HashimotoBSIJ
2019Prof. Anthony Mills AIQS
2001Mr John HemmettAIQS
2008Mr Eugene SeahSISV
2009John LowryAIQS
2002Mr Terry SandersAIQS
2003Ms Ellen LauHKIS
2004Dr Peter SmithAIQS
2004Mr Kouichi NoroBSIJ
2006Dato Mohamed bin GadingRISM
2006Ms Ma GuizhiCECA
2007Mr Robert LittleAIQS
Mr Kwan Hock Hai RISM
Mr Chua Siow Leng RISM
2008Mr Goh Ngan Hong SISV
Mr Gordon Cairney NZIQS
2009Eddie WongRISM
Mr Kenta Fukagawa BSIJ
2010Daniel Wong Hwee BoonSISV
2012Dato' Seri Sr Md. Isahak Md. YusufRISM
2013John GranvilleNZIQS
Silas Loh SISV
2014Khoo Sze BoonSISV
2015Wu Zuo MinCECA
2016Sr K. C. TangHKIS
2017Sr Joseph ChongHKIS
Mr Bruce Glennie NZIQS
2018Sr Daniel Ho Chi Wai HKIS
Sr Raymond Kam Ka Fai HKIS
Philippa Goodman_Jones NZIQS
2019Sr Sunny Choi HKIS
Engr Julie Christie M. dela Cruz PICQS
Mr Wong Kin Hoong SISV